Over the years, apart from its own initiatives, National Baking Company has provided much-needed assistance to various charitable organizations in Jamaica. The company has become known for its philanthropic ventures almost as much as it is known for its innovations and successes in the business arena. It was only natural then, that in August 2015, CEO Gary “‘Butch” Hendrickson launched the National Baking Company Foundation.



Mr. Hendrickson believes that investing in early childhood development is critical, and it is the driving force behind his vision for the Foundation. The Foundation focuses on the approach that the formative years are critical in shaping a child’s future. As patron of the Foundation, Gary Hendrickson plays a very active role, ensuring resources effectively support learning and development. In keeping with that goal, the focus is not just on products that aid learning, but also on those charged with shaping the young minds. The Foundation helps to provide teachers with the resources, training, and skills needed.

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