Little  Leaders is an initiative that was launched by the National Baking Company Foundation in August 2016. This initiative reflects the Foundation’s continued commitment to Early Childhood Education.  Through partnerships with the  Early  Childhood  Commission  (ECC) and other stakeholders, the aim is to support Early Childhood teachers so they can provide quality learning experiences for their students.
Through the Little Leaders Teacher  Development Programme,  Early Childhood teachers are encouraged to “think outside the box” and to embrace a constructivist, 
play-based teaching model.  Additionally, the programme
emphasizes literacy development, Math and Science integration as well as social interactions as an integral part of early learning experiences. 


Since it's inception in 2016, the Little Leaders initiative has seen a total of 1629 teachers attend workshops with 419 successfully completing the programme. All Early Childhood Teachers and Practitioners interested in applying for entry into the program can click the image below.

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